Welcome to the digital world of Esther Fee, where art, science and philosophy meet. Embark on a journey through my passions, projects and reflections. As an artist and scientist, the story of my journey is about art and technology and their fusion and some philosophical considerations that arise from engaging with such disruptive technologies as AI.


I want to represent the irreplaceable essence of art – the human emotional world – in my works. I am doing this with fully human art, but also through AI-influenced creations.

For example, at one of my recent keynotes at Kent University in January 24, I was able to put a profound truth on stage: With a free improvisation on the piano, I aimed to make the comparison that while AI can create melodies, it is the human touch, our emotions and experiences that really breathe life into music and touch the soul.


I studied computer science and musicology at the Maximilians University of W├╝rzburg.

In my doctoral thesis at the international Audio Laboratories Erlangen (a joint institution of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg and Fraunhofer IIS), I worked on musical instrument recognition in audio signals and on the optimization of artificial neural networks.

I have been leading the Artificial Intelligence in Culture and Arts (AICA) group at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich (HMTM) since April 2023. More about my scientific findings on the subpage: Science.


The historical pendulum never lingers in the middle and creates extreme counter-movements. More on this soon on a subpage.