Creativity is highly depending on attention…

When we engage in creative activity, we draw from a reservoir based on our conscious observations and combine stored impressions with varying degrees of granularity. Thus, attention and creativity are strongly linked.

… AND on emotions

Since in human creativity emotions are the criterion by which the elements of our reservoir are selected and combined.


I want to represent the irreplaceable essence of art – the human emotional world – in my works. I am doing this with fully human creativ methods, but I also create AI co-creations by using AI as an inspiring dialog partner and tool.

For example, at one of my recent keynotes at Kent University in January 24, I was able to put a profound truth on stage: With a free improvisation on the piano, I aimed to make the comparison that while AI can create melodies, it is the human touch, our emotions and experiences that really breathe life into music and touch the soul.